I do not know what the purpose of WKAppBundleIdentifier is. Is the bundle identifier for WatchKit Extension and WKAppBundleIdentifer suppose have the same id? When I assign them both the same id com.myProbjectName.watchkitextension sharing data (App groups) between iOS simulator and iWatch simulator doesn't work at all. However, if I change my WKAppBundleIdentifer to com.myProbjectName.watchkitapp and leave the bundle identifier for WatchKit the same (com.myProbjectName.watchkitextension) sharing data between iOS Simulator and Apple Watch Simulator works. Why does it do this and what is the difference between WKAppBundleIdentifier and bundle identifier (CFBundleIdentifier)?

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CFBundleIdentifier is the Bundle Identifier of the WatchKit Extension which contains the WatchKit App inside of it. Therefore the Bundle Identifier is unique for the extension, something like com.some.app.watchkitextension.

WKAppBundleIdentifier is the identifier of the WatchKit App bundled inside the Extension. That is the reason why these values must be different since WatchKit App has its own Bundle Identifier (e.g. com.some.app.watchkitapp). This value should be the value of WatchKit App's CFBundleIdentifier.

It is also related to provisioning. All three parts (iOS app, WatchKit Extension and WatchKit App) must have their own Bundle Identifier and therefore provisioning profiles.

WKAppBundleIdentifier is actually part of the WatchKit extension's specification of WatchKit App under NSExtension.


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