This is my first question on stack overflow so please excuse if I miss any mannerisms.....

My Swift App uses the FXForms Cocoa Pod

It's an OBJ-C framework I'm using with my Swift app. Everything compiled fine before updating Xcode today. Now I am getting this error:

"Objective-C method 'fields' provided by method 'fields()' conflicts with optional requirement method 'fields()' in protocol 'FXForm'e

Any ideas? Happy to provide source code, etc.

Thanks for any help,



This is most likely caused by the update in Swift syntax. Look into the code if you use NSDictionary and replace with [NSObject: AnyObject]. Same for NSString replace with String. In most cases this will fix this issue.

You could try in Xcode to run Edit - Convert - To latest Swift Syntax. I did it on my project and no changes were made. But it is worth a try!

Have a look at this post which handles a similar error:

Objective-C method conflicts with optional requirement method Swift

  • Great! Glad to hear that you fixed this! – Ruud Kalis Apr 18 '15 at 8:55

you can try this in swift 1.2:

func fields() -> [AnyObject]! {
    return fieldsArr as [AnyObject]
  • Thank you. This was exactly what I needed. Other solutions fooled the compiler but I lost some formatting from the FXForms Fields Array. This worked perfectly. – ZTB Apr 21 '15 at 1:07

Replacing this:

func fields() -> NSArray {

    return [

with this:

func fields() -> [AnyObject}! {

        return [

did the trick.

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