Suppose I have a table in excel containing 1000 rows and 10 columns. How can I copy every 7th row from this table to a new table whose first row will be this 7th row, second row will be that table 14th row and so on.

I have never done these kind of things in excel before. How to do it?


If you want to stick with plain Excel (no VBA). Add two columns at the end of your table. The first being a count of the line, the second flagging if the line count is divisible by 7 - I used the formula =IF(MOD(D4,7)=0,"Divisible by 7", "-").

enter image description here

Then filter the table on the 'Mark every 7th item' column, and copy and paste to new table.


You need a macro. Press alt + F11

Basically you run that macro that goes like this

sub Copyer()
dim I as integer
Dim K as integer
I = 7
K = 1
while (Activesheet.Range("A" & I ).Value <> "")
 DestinationSheet.Range("A" & K ).Value = Activesheet.Range("A" & I).Value
K = K + 1
I = I + 7
End Sub

Code may need some grooming but that's the idea

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