I have an interface with 2 buttons, both of them call the same interface but with different information. On the traditional interface I use prepareForSegue, but I don't know what's the equivalent one on the WatchKit.

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You can do this in two ways:

In your storyboard you set an identifier in your segue:

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and then you can use contextForSegueWithIdentifier:

- (id)contextForSegueWithIdentifier:(NSString *)segueIdentifier {
     if ([segueIdentifier isEqualToString:@"yourIdentifier"]) {
        return aDictionaryWithYourInformation;

Or you can pass information with a context via code, with:

[self pushControllerWithName:@"YourViewController"

This context is a dictionary and you have access to this dictionary in the - (void)awakeWithContext:(id)context


For segue navigation in Watchkit there are two methods in WKInterfaceController:

override func contextForSegueWithIdentifier(segueIdentifier: String) -> AnyObject? {
        return //your object

and for tables

override func contextsForSegueWithIdentifier(segueIdentifier: String, inTable table: WKInterfaceTable, rowIndex: Int) -> [AnyObject]? {
      return  //your object

you can get the object you are passing in func awakeWithContext(context: AnyObject?) of the interface controller you are pushing


In WatchKit, you can use this for calling WKInterfaceController:

[self pushControllerWithName:@"YourControlName"
          context:[self contextForSegueWithIdentifier:@"YourControlName"]];

For tables it's the following:

override func contextForSegue(withIdentifier segueIdentifier: String, in table: WKInterfaceTable, rowIndex: Int) -> Any? {
     return  //your object

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