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Suppose I have some functional interface like Function and some methods of different classes for which I can take method references, for example:

class A {
   public int getPrimitive() { return 0; }
   public Integer getBoxed() { return 0; }
   public static int getStaticPrimitive(A a) { return 1; }

Function<A, Integer> primitive = A::getPrimitive;
Function<A, Integer> boxed = A::getBoxed;
Function<A, Integer> staticPrimitive = A::getStaticPrimitive;

How I can grab all possible method references converted to instances of Function interface from class A via reflection?


The question isn't a duplicate of any mentioned in comments so far, but thanks to the both questions mentioned by Holger's in his comment I've managed to do what I've needed:

    class Test {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Throwable {
        HashMap<String, Function<A, Integer>> map = new HashMap<>();

        Collection<MethodType> supportedTypes = Arrays.asList(
                MethodType.methodType(int.class, A.class),
                MethodType.methodType(Integer.class, A.class)

        MethodType inT = MethodType.methodType(Function.class);
        MethodHandles.Lookup l = MethodHandles.lookup();
        for (Method m : A.class.getDeclaredMethods()) {
            MethodHandle mh = l.unreflect(m);
            if (!supportedTypes.contains(mh.type())) {
            map.put(m.getName(), (Function<A, Integer>) LambdaMetafactory.metafactory(
                    l, "apply", inT, mh.type().generic(), mh, mh.type()).getTarget().invoke());

        A a = new A();
        map.forEach((name, op) -> System.out.println(name + "(a) => " + op.apply(a)));

    static class A {
        public int getPrimitive() {
            return 0;

        public Integer getBoxed() {
            return 1;

        public static Integer getStaticBoxed(A a) {
            return 2;

        public static int getStaticPrimitive(A a) {
            return 3;

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