I post data to a php processing page like this:

$insert = mysql_query(
    'INSERT INTO ' . $table . ' (' . substr($addfields,0,-1) . ') ' .
    'VALUES  (' . substr($addvals,0,-1) . ')');

I want to have:

if($insert): echo 'Message 1'; else: echo 'message2'; endif;

What do I do in my success: function() to display the message in <div id="result"></div> ?

I have tried:

success: function() {

That code doesn't display the message in the div tag.

How do I post data to the div?


Assuming that your $.ajax() request is using dataType: 'html' (or the default, which will intelligently guess) your success function will receive the returned text as its first parameter:

  url: '/mypage.php',
  dataType: 'html',
  success: function(data) {

Should take whatever HTML your mypage.php dumps out, and replace the contents of the <div id="result"> on the page just fine!

I have assembled a jsfiddle demo for you to look at.

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