I have submitted my app to TestFlight and i have deliberately made the app on my device crash, but i don't see where i can see these crash logs.

BTW i want to see other people's crash logs on the app, not the one in the settings menu.

Anyone know?


In Xcode 6.3 crash logs have moved into Organizer window.

It might take some time and a restart of the crashed apps for the logs to show.


Well, I'm not sure if this will help, but it helped for me:

Go to iTunesConnect -> My Apps and choose your app. Then in Versions section scroll to Version Release and check one of radio buttons (Automatically release this version or Manually release this version)

If you have luck, all crash logs (old ones too) will apear in new Organizer's Crash window after few minutes (Xcode 6.3). Be sure to close Organizer's window and open it again after making changes in iTunesConnect.

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