I often hear the phrase "endpoint" in the context of RESTful architecture. What is endpoint? just the method like the one in the class annotated with @Controller in Java Spring framework?

Cant actually find the exact answer to this question in google.

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    It's simply the URI of the call. GET /api/orders/1 is an endpoint in the API to get a single order. – Jeroen Vannevel Apr 19 '15 at 18:44
  • ahhh I see now :) i thought it was simple, thanks! – azalut Apr 19 '15 at 18:45
  • @JeroenVannevel Shouldn't that be the answer then? – bbastu Apr 19 '15 at 18:56
  • @JeroenVannevel add that as the answer and I will accept that – azalut Apr 19 '15 at 18:59

It`s just a URI where the RESTful service can be accessed from.

E.G. https://example.com/api/products is the URI Endpoint to list all available products in the system.

Just thought I post an answer in case someone else comes across the same question.

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