I have created an SSIS package for downloading file from FTP server. When I debug the package, everything goes fine. But when I shedule the package as Job step, it sometimes fails to connect. The job is sheduled to repeat every 4 hours and in average every other run fails with Error: 0xC002918F - The Login request was denied.

The connection is anonymous and doesn't require password

I have tested it for a few hours now and found out some info:

  • When tested in FileZilla, I found out that the server denies second connection trying to download a file. Setting maximal number of concurrent connections to 1 got it working in FileZilla
  • FTP command in command line works fine. Maybe because it closes connection after every successful command
  • In FTP connection manager, I didn't found the option to limit number of connections

I have no possibility to see the settings of the FTP server. What confuses me the most is the fact, that some sheduled tasks work fine and some fail. I haven't found any regularity in it.

What I have tried so far:

  • Active/pasive mode
  • Limiting retries in FTP connection manager to 1
  • Shifting the shedule time, so it doesn't collide with any other (older) tasks trying to download from the server
  • Setting the FTP task to ASCII mode (The server says to FileZilla, that it only accepts ASCII characters)

No luck so far. Still some attemps success and some not.


The FTP server is on Simatic device.

For this week, i kept shedule for every 1 hour and kept pinging the device every 30 seconds. Still some SSID attempts don't succeed and ping goes through every time :-/

  • I've also tried adjusting the chunk size to no avail. – Matti Price Oct 31 '16 at 17:54
  • could you please check package Protection level property? please set protection level property as 'Rely on server storage and roles for access control'. – Jayesh Agarwal Nov 4 '16 at 13:03
  • @Jacks, I don't have that option as it's hosted in the SSIS Catalog – Matti Price Nov 4 '16 at 18:15
  • @MattiPrice logs from SSIS would be beneficial. – Bryan Swan Nov 7 '16 at 5:19
  • @MattiPrice Could you please let me know about procedure how do you debug SSIS package? – Jayesh Agarwal Nov 7 '16 at 6:02

I would replace the standard SSIS FTP Task with an Execute Process Task, and call WinSCP.


I've found WinSCP is much more reliable and flexible. You can pass it a command line built using expressions to cover all the functionality of the SSIS FTP task, and more.

  • Part of the reason to use the FTP task in my case was to be able to delete the files after they were sent successfully. I might try this but I'm worried it may not solve the problem I'm having because I don't know if it's due to multiple logins at the same time or just opening and closing so many connections in quick succession. – Matti Price Nov 2 '16 at 13:47
  • WinSCP put and get commands have a -delete option. – Mike Honey Nov 2 '16 at 22:50
  • Well that might be exactly what I was looking for then. I'll have to check that out. – Matti Price Nov 3 '16 at 13:32

I think you have to accept just using a workaround in this scenario, maybe set the SQL agent SSIS job step to retry after an X seconds delay (advanced tab of SQL job step). We do this a lot when connecting to flaky cloud API's with SSIS.

Or maybe a for loop container in your package which continues on failure & breaks out on success - maybe try 3 times to connect?

Sorry if this is all obvious to you already.

  • Thank you for your answer. I've set the job to run every hour and the require is to have data max 4 hours old. The job succeeds in 50% of attempts, so it is sufficient. I'm keeping this question active if somebody can solve the cause of the issue. – DangeMask May 27 '15 at 10:48

Formerly the error was known as:

'0xC002918F',-1073573489,'DTS_E_FTPTASK_UNABLETOCONNECTTOSERVER','Unable to connect to FTP server using "__".'

The FTP Task explicitly closes the connection at the end of action execution, so if the connection stays open it must be something with your server.

Both CozyRock and PragmaticWorks have fantastic FTP tasks for SSIS.

Guidance listed on Microsoft's website



Aside from firewall/permissions/restrictions Check FTP credentials or to be exact how they saved/retrieved. The rule of thumb in that case is to rely on SQL Server, i.e. to use "Rely on server storage and roles for access control" package protection level. This approach should remove all FTP credentials problems altogether (excluding mistypos of course).

However, This is the default setting applied when using Project Deployment Model to store packages in the SSISDB catalog which is where the package you noted resides.

Do not use XP_CMDSHELL and call external programs without a business necessity as the above poster advises. Enabling CMDSHELL is a significant security risk.


In my experience, sometimes FILE LOCK and DB CONNECTION do not terminate even after ending the package execution.

I suggest you use Script Task and do the upload using C# code and make sure you close the FTP connection at the end.

  • or use filezilla from a script task where you can control the timeout and automatic retries etc. The point being that you are not relying on the built in ftp object in SSIS. Like Mike Honey suggests below. – Sql Surfer Nov 6 '16 at 0:30
  • I just like to avoid using external executable as much as I can ;) – FLICKER Nov 6 '16 at 0:38

Shot in the dark, would you mind trying to update the package and set DelayValidation=True?

DelayValidation: True

Validation routines establish connections to test them. Perhaps the validation routine is the other concurrent connection? Worth a shot?

  • Tried this, didn't work for me but good thought. I don't seem to have issues when running it locally, but when deployed to a server that hosts it and runs it on a schedule, it seems to get through a couple files than break. My issue may be a little different than the OP's but the connections overlapping seems to be the root cause. – Matti Price Nov 4 '16 at 18:14

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