I generate HTML using jQuery:

$("<a />")
    .click(function () { DemoFunc(event, value.Id) })

This works perfect for Chrome and IE8, but in FireFox I got an error: "event is not defined". I changed the code like this:

.attr("onclick", "DemoFunc(event, " + value.Id + ")")

It works for Firefox, but not for Chrome and IE.

DemoFunc = function (e, assocGroupId) {
    var target = (e.target) ? $(e.target) : $(e.srcElement);

Why!? Help!!


In IE and Chrome, event is resolving to window.event. Firefox doesn't have this property and instead provides an event to an event handler function by passing it as a parameter. jQuery abstracts this difference for you by providing an event object parameter in all browsers:

$("<a />")
    .click(function (evt) { DemoFunc(evt, value.Id) });
  • Thank you, Tim, a lot! You saved my time! :-) – podeig Jun 4 '10 at 13:49
  • In other words.. make sure that 'evt' or whatever you're using in the call also appears in the function() part. Same issue as in stackoverflow.com/questions/20522887/… – Malachi Jun 14 '16 at 17:07

If you have structured your code around working with the original event rather than the jQuery event, you can use evt.originalEvent to refer to the native event.

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