How do I exclude hidden directories when creating an archive using 7zip's command line version?

I tried -x!".*", but that didn't work.

  • If you know the pattern of hidden file then its very easy like .svn or .git etc.. but if there is no pattern in that case you must go for staging. – prashant thakre Apr 20 '15 at 14:01

You need to add the r ("recurse") flag to the -x option if you want it to match files inside subdirectories.

For example, the following creates an archive from the whole directory tree under folder/ except for any files that start with a dot:

7z a -xr'!.*' archive.7z folder/
  • n.b.: Note that the exclamation mark has to be quoted for bash and zsh. – smls Jan 9 '16 at 15:29

I had the same problem on windows 7 64bit 7zip.

After doing some research I found the following points:

1) single/double quotes ' " does not work on windows - 7zip says incorrect wirdcard

2) excluding based on file/folder attributes is not possible - only option is either to exclude with wild cards or make an exclude list.

3) in -x option, file is denoted as < path>\< filename.ext> and a folder as < path>\< folder>/ (with a slash at the end)

4) format 1: with ! mark (pattern directly with command) you can give something like:

  a) 7z a -xr!<path>\<folder to exclude>/ archive.7z <zip folder>/

This excludes .svn folder in any path from zip folder recursively

  b) 7z a -xr!*\.svn/ archive.7z <folder>/  

5) format 2: with @ symbol you can give exclude list like this:

  a) 7z a -xr@<7z exclude list file> <archive name>.7z <folder>/

where an exclude list file can have:


my favorite option is to use an exclude list

  • Single quotes worked for me inside a PowerShell script. – Sébastien Mar 25 '19 at 16:00

this would work for ignoring hidden files ... 7z.exe a -xr!.git\ -xr!*~ ".zip"

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