I get this when I run make on xdebug on the Mac (OS X 10.10.2):

xdebug_handler_dbgp.c:900:21: warning: 
  incompatible pointer types initializing 'jmp_buf *' (aka 'int (*)[37]')
  with an expression of type 'sigjmp_buf *' (aka 'int (*)[38]')
    jmp_buf           *original_bailout = EG(bailout);

The build completes but is there anything to be concerned about with this warning?


This is a bug and should be fixed, but in this case it seems harmless.

Looking at the code we see that a pointer (to array of 38 ints) is copied from bailout to a temporary variable called original_bailout (pointing to array of 37 ints). No operations are performed on that temporary variable and a few lines below the pointer is copied back to the original variable bailout. original_bailout is not used any more.

As there is no access to array through incompatible original_bailout variable I don’t see any risk of corruption.

The fix could be to replace jmp_buf type by JMP_BUF macro defined in Zend/zend.h:

#       define SETJMP(a) sigsetjmp(a, 0)
#       define LONGJMP(a,b) siglongjmp(a, b)
#       define JMP_BUF sigjmp_buf
#       define SETJMP(a) setjmp(a)
#       define LONGJMP(a,b) longjmp(a, b)
#       define JMP_BUF jmp_buf

So that line 900 reads:

JMP_BUF          *original_bailout = EG(bailout);

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