All of my calls to the following Google APIs have started failing:

  • Provisioning
  • Profiles
  • Reporting
  • Reporting Visualization
  • Admin Audit
  • Email Migration (v1)
  • Documents List

Has something changed?

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    This post and a few of your others are under discussion on Meta. – Kendra Apr 20 '15 at 19:46

All the API listed were shut down as of April 20, 2015 as per the deprecation policies of the Admin SDK and Documents List API.

Please see the following migration guides for more information on how to migrate:

If the shutdown has impacted a business critical application, please contact Google for Work Support.

  • There's no such thing as "Version v1 of the Google APIs". This doesn't affect the large majority of Google APIs, just specific versions of specific APIs. – Eric D Apr 20 '15 at 22:12
  • @EricDeFriez since make the answer better through editing. One thing that won't happen is having 6 different questions all on the same subject. I trust that Google knows the idea behind not wanting lots of duplication. – George Stocker Apr 20 '15 at 23:21
  • You've already presumed and decided different APIs being shut down are "all the same subject" even though they are distinct, against different services and have different developers. I guess merely based on the fact they are from the same vendor and on the same date. That seems unfortunate/misguided but it's your decision. Since you made that decision I'd think you'd at least take responsibility and edit it well when marking as dupe--as it is now you've basically deleted real, usable data (e.g. can no longer find the APIs affected, links to all the various migration guides, etc). – Eric D Apr 20 '15 at 23:38

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