I have to migrate my PHP scripts using YouTube's v2 API to v3.

I'm trying this example to upload a video:


I can authenticate my Google account for my app, the only problem is that the video is being uploaded to my Google+ YouTube channel and not to my original channel. (They both belong to the same Google account).

I was not able to solve this problem with the v2 API but selecting the "default" channel in "Channel switcher" (https://www.youtube.com/channel_switcher) did help.

How can I tell the v3 API which channel to upload to?

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As of writing, the ability to choose which channel to upload a video to is only available to YouTube content partners.

The videos.insert method supports an optional parameter onBehalfOfContentOwnerChannel, which takes in a a YouTube channel ID value as a string. You must also provide your YouTube CMS auth credentials for the onBehalfOfContentOwner parameter as well.

YouTube provides some explanation:

This [onBehalfOfContentOwnerChannel] parameter is intended for YouTube content partners that own and manage many different YouTube channels. It allows content owners to authenticate once and perform actions on behalf of the channel specified in the parameter value, without having to provide authentication credentials for each separate channel.

Relevant API documentation for videos.insert here.

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