The latest upgrade of Ubuntu made my vim colorscheme unusable. I know how to set it manually (:colo evening, for example), but I want to set the default for all vim sessions. I see reference in other places to .vimrc, but the right location and syntax have eluded me thus far.


Your .vimrc file goes in your $HOME directory. In *nix, cd ~; vim .vimrc. The commands in the .vimrc are the same as you type in ex-mode in vim, only without the leading colon, so colo evening would suffice. Comments in the .vimrc are indicated with a leading double-quote.

To see an example vimrc, open $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim from within vim

:e $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim

Put a colorscheme directive in your .vimrc file, for example:

colorscheme morning

See here: http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Change_the_color_scheme


It's as simple as adding a line to your ~/.vimrc:

colorscheme color_scheme_name


You can try too to put this into your ~/.vimrc file:

colorscheme Solarized
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    it should be colo solarized – Tomasz Kuter Mar 6 '18 at 22:38

Once you’ve decided to change vim color scheme that you like, you’ll need to configure vim configuration file ~/.vimrc.

For e.g. to use the elflord color scheme just add these lines to your ~/.vimrc file:

colo elflord

For other names of color schemes you can look in /usr/share/vim/vimNN/colors where NN - version of VIM.


Ubuntu 17.10 default doesn't have the ~/.vimrc file, we need create it and put the setting colorscheme color_scheme_name in it.

By the way, colorscheme desert is good scheme to choose.


Copy downloaded color schemes to ~/.vim/colors/Your_Color_Scheme.

Then write

colo Your_Color_Scheme


colorscheme Your_Color_Scheme

into your ~/.vimrc.

See this link for holokai


OS: Redhat enterprise edition

colo schema_name works fine if you are facing problems with colorscheme.

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    :colo is just the shorthand form of :colorscheme. This answer has been added four times already :-) – Martin Tournoij Oct 4 '16 at 9:18

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