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I have one problem in magento weight attribute.

Magento uses 4 decimal places for weight attribute which I wish to use it up-to 6 decimal places for weight calculation in shipping rates in the back-end only.

Please let me now how to increase the decimal precision for weight in magento CE 1.9.



So the reason that the attribute is 4 decimal places is because the table is set as such. All decimal attributes are stored in the table catalog_category_entity_decimal and if you look at the fields you will see that the value has the type "decimal(12,4)".

What you can do is update this table to use decimal(12,6) but then this will have an effect on all decimal attributes stored in Magento.

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  • thanks for reply but it didn't work. I still have weight up-to 4 precision. – Sandip Kumbhar Apr 23 '15 at 7:58

To change the decimal precision of attributes that have a backend_type set to decimal,

You have to change the type of value in this table :


If you have not change yet, you should see :

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