I'm using PHP and would like to remove all hashtags from the end of a text (in this case: #stack #overflow) and put them in an array. Here is an example text:

Lorem ipsum, http://example.com/#hello consetetur diam #nonumy sed diam voluptua. #stack #overflow

This is the output I would like: (no hashtags at the end)

Lorem ipsum, http://example.com/#hello consetetur diam #nonumy sed diam voluptua.

How to do that?

  • What output you want.Use str_replace function – Sunil Pachlangia Apr 21 '15 at 10:19

To catch all hashtags in an array and remove it from that string you could do something like this:

 $string = 'Lorem ipsum, http://example.com/#hello consetetur diam #nonumy sed diam voluptua. #stack #overflow';

// match all hashtags and keep them in a named capture group, to easily get the key later.
preg_match_all('/(?P<hashtags>\#\w+)/', $string, $matches);
$string = str_replace($matches['hashtags'], '', $string);

    [0] => #hello
    [1] => #nonumy
    [2] => #stack
    [3] => #overflow 

// 'Lorem ipsum, http://example.com/ consetetur diam  sed diam voluptua.  ' (length=70)

If you like this way now you only have to figure out how to trim the exceeded white spaces.


If you want to capture only the last hashtag you must change the regexp to '/(?P<hashtag>\#\w+$)/'.

You may want to have an explanation of the pattern I'm suggesting.


This new question is different and open a different view for the logic needed.

//keeping the same $string as above, you can easily get the substring after a dot (for example) til the end of the string with: 
$endOfString = substr($string, strrpos($string, '.') + 1);

// now you can use a regexp, or the 'explode()' function
preg_match_all('/(?P<hashtags>\#\w+)(?:\s)?/', $endOfString, $matches);
$string = str_replace($matches['hashtags'], '', $string);


As always you should play a bit on it to get something good for all your different cases

  • I would like to get only the hashtags at the end of the text, not the ones in an URL or within the text. How to do that? – Tom Apr 21 '15 at 14:52
  • Thanks for your help. Is it possible to get all tags that are at the end of the text? Currently only the #overflow tag gets found. (I don't know if that helps but maybe it's possible to check for the following characters to find the end of the text?: .,:;!?) – Tom Apr 21 '15 at 18:22

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