I want to use Spring-Tiles intergration. Here you can see how my app looks like.

So my question is: why Spring-MVC dispatcher Servlet can not resolve my Target page ???

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The problem is that you use <url-pattern>/*</url-pattern> in servlet mapping, so all requests are processed by DispatcherServlet, including request to *.jsp tiles. The most versatile way to solve it (but to keep restful urls without prefixes) is to use a UrlRewriteFilter.

  • @Arthur: All request to Spring MVC controllers are going throgh the DispatcherServlet.
    – axtavt
    Jun 4, 2010 at 20:55

I think you're missing a critical ViewResolver. I checked the post you mentioned in SpringSource but I didn't see the following ViewResolver:


Try adding that ViewResolver and see if that would help. I use Spring and Tiles as well. I just have to declare that and the TilesConfigurer.

Check out these references:


It's a common issue using Spring and it's due to the fact that the view (jsp) goes through the DispatcherServlet.

Try to modify your web.xml using


and then add to your urlrewrite.xml something like:

<urlrewrite default-match-type="wildcard">

I'm assuming you're using urlrewrite, if you're not import the jar and add the filter mapping in your web.xml such as:



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