I am trying to execute a test in multiple browsers, in parallel using TestNG.

But it is always considering second mentioned browsers only.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<suite name="Parallel Tests" verbose="1" thread-count="10" parallel="tests">
        <test name="Test1">
                <parameter name="platform" value="Windows" />
                <parameter name="browser" value="chrome" />
                <parameter name="version" value="8" />
                <class name="com.tribune.uiautomation.testscripts.TestEngine"/>
        </test> <!-- Test -->

        <test name="Test2">
                <parameter name="platform" value="Windows" />
                <parameter name="browser" value="firefox" />
                <parameter name="version" value="8" />
                <class name="com.tribune.uiautomation.testscripts.TestEngine"/>
        </test> <!-- Test -->

</suite> <!-- Suite -->

My TestEngine class:

    public void beforeTest(String browser){
            Property.BrowserName = browser;
            System.out.println("BrowserName got from XML is "+Property.BrowserName);

public void Execute test() {

//code for launching browser & performing tests...

Console output is similar to:

log4j:WARN [] should be System.out or System.err.
log4j:WARN Using previously set target, System.out by default.
[TestNG] Running:

BrowserName got from XML is chrome
BrowserName got from XML is firefox

//from here onwards it is considering only firefox browser only (i.e. both the tests mentioned in TestNG.xml are running in firefox only)

Thanks in advance.

  • If i remove (parallel="tests") attribute in TestNG.xml , Tests are working fine. Problem comes only with Parallel attribute.
    – HemaSundar
    Apr 22 '15 at 16:30

I understood the problem, The browserName variable is Static. As static variables are shared across the threads, every time a thread is setting browserName value, it is overwriting the existing value.

So i have fixed the issue by defining the browserName variable as Threadlocal variable. But by the approach of defining lot of variable as ThreadLocal, will it be problem?

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