I want to play around with docker so I created my own 2 container, nginx and php. Both container are build successfully and are published on docker hub. After that I created a fig.yml in my projects folder. If I run fig up -d in my terminal, then I got the following error:

Recreating playground_php_1...
Cannot start container e087111c...: [8] System error: no such file or directory

Any ideas how I can fix this problem?

Here is my fig.yml:

  image: mc388/docker-nginx:latest
    - "80:80"
    - "443:443"
    - php
    - ./logs/nginx:/var/log/nginx
    - php
  image: mc388/docker-php:latest
    - .:/var/www/

And here are the links to the config of both docker containers:

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The underlying php:fpm image has the following line in the Dockerfile:

WORKDIR /var/www/html

You then delete this directory, which breaks the default CMD command as it uses WORKDIR as its base.

I don't know much about PHP and this Docker image, but it's worth reading the documentation and looking at any examples you can find on how to use it; deleting a directory feels like you're working against the image.


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