I have an array of bytes consisting of 1024 elements. I want to break this down into different string private members (e.g. first 9 bytes for name, next 12 bytes for userID, etc.).

Without having to turn the entire byte array into a string and then using a substring method, is there any way I can turn a range of bytes in the array directly into a private member for my class?


myObject.name = byteArr[0-9];
myObject.userId = byteArr[10-21];

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String myField = new String(myArray, start, end);

where start would be 0 if you want to start from the beginning


Use String constructor:

public String(byte bytes[], int offset, int length, Charset charset)


myObject.name = new String(byteArr, 0, 10, Charset.defaultCharset())

Remember that bytes and chars are different types in Java and you should specify correct conversion using Charset class to avoid unexpected results.

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