I am attempting to get the data from a wpf password box into a secure string. How is that done? what i have so far:

 SecureString pass = new SecureString();

this of course does not work, so how would I get the password data without creating a regular string?


you need to read each character in

SecureString pass = new SecureString();

foreach (char c in pbox1.Password)

or more securely use the SecurePassword property

SecureString pass = pbox1.SecurePassword
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    Doing this pretty much defeats the purpose of using SecureString. – Kelly Elton Dec 7 '16 at 23:35


When you get the Password property value, you expose the password as plain text in memory. To avoid this potential security risk, use the SecurePassword property to get the password as a SecureString.

You should avoid using the Password property unless you absolutely need a plaintext version of the string. In this case, retrieve the SecureString directly.

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    If only there were a way to set the password using SecureString – Sebastian Aug 26 '16 at 7:52
SecureString pass = pbox1.SecurePassword.Copy();

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