I have a huge chunk of code (directory -> sub directiories -> files everywhere) to be added to Clearcase in Windows.
I used the command 'clearfsimport -rec -nset sourcepath destinationpath' command to add them to clearcase.

I was able to successfully add it to source control but when I try to deliver it I get error saying element not visible in integration view. So does order of adding new files matters in ClearCase?

Below is the error message from ClearCase while delivering:

Operation started: 22-04-2015 16:13:14 Element "D:\Workspace\auto_int\ROOT\Automation@@\main\auto\1\LDSCluster\main\auto\1\SSI\main\auto\2\Service
References" is not visible in view "auto_int".
Skipping element
References".  *** IMPORTANT *** Before completing this deliver or
rebase operation, you should understand why this element is not visible.  
If this element should be visible, cancel this operation,
fix the problem, and re-run the operation.

So does order of adding new files matters in clearcase?

No it does not matter.

But check if the clearfsimport has left folders/files checked out.
Because they won't be visible by any "deliver" operation until they have been checked in.


There could be several reasons for the issue as responded by folks. But the one I had is my integration view config spec doesn't load rules that captures the scope of newly added directory levels. After adding the required load rules I am able to deliver it. Thanks everyone.

(But in development view too that load rules wasn't there earlier but as I add new files it appended rules dynamically which didn't happened in case of integration view.)

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