I'm trying to configure Vim so that it highlights extra closed brackets in Perl, for example ()). For unclosed brackets this works correctly the extra ( is highlighted red. But the extra closed brackets are not highlighted. This issue is only present when syntax=perl. When I use syntax=c or syntax=vim the unmatched closed brackets are correctly highlighted.

Here is an example with syntax=perl. The first row is fine but in the second row the extra ) is not red. :(

perl syntax highlight

Do you know any tricks or plugins that could solve this? I've found some (very) old vim plugins like Highlight-UnMatched-Brackets but they didn't solve this issue for me.


It's possible that this is a bug in the syntax highlight for Perl. The project that keeps track of all the Perl-specific files that get fed back to the vim project is here: https://github.com/vim-perl/vim-perl (I'm one of the maintainers) If you think it's a bug in the syntax highlighting, then go ahead and submit an issue on GitHub.

You might also try using the syntax files in the vim-perl project in your local vim. I don't know what version of vim you're running, but it's possible newer support files will solve your problem.

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