I am trying to set the variable COGLINE to be the output of my grep line (which is searching my config.json file for the regExthe "cogs"). When I execute the grep line it correctly outputs the proper line number, but when I echo the variable it comes up blank.

COGLINE = $(grep -n \"cogs\" ~/Desktop/Repos/pronghorn/config.json | cut -f1 -d:)

    grep -n \"cogs\" ~/Desktop/Repos/pronghorn/config.json | cut -f1 -d:
    echo $(COGLINE)

Here is the output:

GlennMBP:test glenn$ make all
grep -n \"cogs\" ~/Desktop/Repos/pronghorn/config.json | cut -f1 -d:

You can see that the line number is properly found as "2", but the variable comes up blank as if it were not set. What am I doing wrong?


grep is not a make function. That COGLINE = line is a make assignment.

You either need to use

COGLINE := $(shell grep -n \"cogs\" ~/Desktop/Repos/pronghorn/config.json | cut -f1 -d:)

if you want that run at make parse time and want it in a make variable.


        COGLINE=$$(grep -n \"cogs\" ~/Desktop/Repos/pronghorn/config.json | cut -f1 -d:); \
        echo "$${COGLINE}"

to run it at all recipe execution time and have it in a shell variable.

There are middle grounds as well but those are the two basic ideas.

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