I am in need of an unsigned 16 bit integer value in my OPC server but can only send it a signed 16 bit integer. I need to change this signed integer to unsigned mathematically but am unsure how. My internet research has not lead me in the right path either. Could someone please give some advise? Thanks in advance.

  • What programming language are you using to write this code? – StilesCrisis Apr 23 '15 at 1:02

Mathematically, the conversion from signed to unsigned works by sending the non-negative remainder of the signed integer divided by 1 + max, where max is the maximum integer you can write with the available number of bits, 16 in your case.

This logic works as follows for a signed integer s:

if s >= 0 then return s else return 1 + max + s

For this convention to work as expected the signed s must satisfy

- (1 + max)/2 <= s < (1 + max)/2

In your case, given that you have 16 bits, we have max = 0xFFFF and 1 + max = 0x10000 = 65536.

Note also that if you codify a negative integer with this convention, the result will have its highest bit on, i.e., equal to 1. This way, the highest bit becomes a flag that tells whether the number is negative or positive.


 2 -> 2
 1 -> 1
 0 -> 0
-1 -> 0xFFFF
-2 -> 0xFFFE
-3 -> 0xFFFD
-15 -> 0xFFF1
-32768 -> 0x8000 = 32768 (!)
-32769 -> error: cannot codify using only 16 bits.

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