I want to create a program that is able to connect to an online Flash game. Essentially what I need is somebody to point me in the right direction. I've done some research and I cannot find anything about Java integrated with flash when it's an online game.

I want to grab the game client (which was programmed in flash) and send a login web requests to the server, grab cookies, log the account in and then display the game on my program. Is this possible?

Here are some basic questions:

  • Will I need the source of the flash game?
  • Are there any imports that include flash?

My Java is very limited as of current, but I am studying at school and any help would be appreciated.


i think you should set up some webservice(soap or rest) between the two application to get the necessary data back and forth...

  • Thanks for the reply! You have to understand that what you just said doesn't actually mean anything to me at all because I am half a programmer. What exactly is a webservice and what does it do? Why would I need it? Can you think of any other methods? – Mean Apr 23 '15 at 3:32

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