I'm getting this error when submitting my app to iTunes Connect via Xcode 6.3:

ERROR ITMS-90363: "Invalid Info.plist key. The key 'CFBundleIcons~ipad' in bundle MyApp.app/PlugIns/MyApp WatchKit Extension.appex/MyApp WatchKit App.app is invalid."

The answers at Apple Watch App Fails Submission Invalid Info.plist and Icon do not solve my problem. My app already has iPad icons in the asset catalog.


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I have solve similar issues. you should delete the row CFBundleIcons~ipad on AppleWatch info.plist.

Hope will helpful to you!


First check -application/AppleWatch Target Select/Build Setting/Packaging/ Info.plist file path

If you use true path, you right click apple watch plist.file and Show in Finder

Edit this file and copy in this path yourapp WacthKit App/info.plist

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