I'm looking to optimize this code and hopefully take less space. I'm fairly new to JavaScript and jQuery, so I'm not quite sure how it would be done.

rankedSolo5["Wins"] = jsonData.playerStatSummaries[5].wins;
$("#rankedWinsSolo5 .statsValue").html(rankedSolo5["Wins"]);

rankedSolo5["Assists"] = jsonData.playerStatSummaries[5].aggregatedStats.totalAssists;
$("#rankedAssistsSolo5 .statsValue").html(rankedSolo5["Assists"]);

rankedSolo5["Kills"] = jsonData.playerStatSummaries[5].aggregatedStats.totalChampionKills;
$("#rankedKillsSolo5 .statsValue").html(rankedSolo5["Kills"]);

rankedSolo5["MinKills"] = jsonData.playerStatSummaries[5].aggregatedStats.totalMinionKills;
$("#rankedMinKillsSolo5 .statsValue").html(rankedSolo5["MinKills"]);

rankedSolo5["NeutralMinKills"] = jsonData.playerStatSummaries[5].aggregatedStats.totalNeutralMinionsKilled;
$("#rankedNeutralMinKillsSolo5 .statsValue").html(rankedSolo5["NeutralMinKills"]);

rankedSolo5["TurretsKilled"] = jsonData.playerStatSummaries[5].aggregatedStats.totalTurretsKilled;
$("#rankedTurretsKilledSolo5 .statsValue").html(rankedSolo5["TurretsKilled"]);
  • less space as in what? Your question leans towards JS minification although you tagged this is the 'DRY' tag - can you be more specific? – Nik Kyriakides Apr 24 '15 at 1:29
  • @NicholasKyriakides I added the DRY tag, I thought that's what he's looking for. – Barmar Apr 24 '15 at 1:30
  • It would help if the properties of aggregatedStats were the same as the properties of rankedSolo5. – Barmar Apr 24 '15 at 1:30

Use an object that relates the property names in rankedSolo5 to those in aggregatedStats:

var fields = {
    "Wins": "wins",
    "Assists": "totalAssists",
    "Kills": "totalChampionKills",

Then you can loop over this to perform the same operations:

$.each(fields, function(rankedProp, statsProp) {
    rankedSolo5[rankedProp] = jsonData.playerStatSummaries[5][statsProp];
    $("#ranked" + rankedProp + "Solo5 .statsValue").html(rankedSolo5[rankedProp]);

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