We use ArtifactDeployer plugin to copy some files on a remote location. Is it possible to include the download links to our mail-ext mail template?

I fiddled around a bit with the HTML jelly template but I could not get it to work.


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After digging around a bit managed to come up with this:

<j:set var="artifactsDeployAction" value="${it.getAction('org.jenkinsci.plugins.artifactdeployer.ArtifactDeployerBuildAction')}"/>
<j:if test="${artifactsDeployAction!=null}">
  <j:set var="deployedArtifactsInfo" value="${artifactsDeployAction.getDeployedArtifactsInfo()}"/>
  <j:if test="${deployedArtifactsInfo!=null}">

     <j:forEach var="artifactInfo" items="${deployedArtifactsInfo}">
        <j:set var="artifacts" value="${artifactInfo.value}"/>
        <j:if test="${artifacts!=null}">
          <TABLE width="100%">
          <TR><TD class="bg1"><B>DEPLOYED ARTIFACTS</B></TD></TR>
            <j:forEach var="artifact" items="${artifacts}">
                  <a href="${rooturl}${build.url}deployedArtifacts/download/artifact.${artifact.id}/">${artifact.fileName}</a>
  • There are some jelly scripts distributed with the plugin. Can't remember if the html-with-health-and-console.jelly one is also, but you can take a look at the <!-- ARTIFACTS --> section which is pretty much similar to yours :-)
    – Morfic
    Apr 24, 2015 at 11:29

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