What is the best way to read and write C-styled byte stuctures in Scala, like this:

    struct account {
            int id;
            char[10] data1;
            char[10] data2;
            float dataFloat;

There's unpack function in Python, to interpret strings as packed binary data. But I can't find any analogue in Scala.

What is standart way for such a mapping in Scala? Read bytes one by one is very unsufficiant. The protocol I need to parse comes back fromk 1980s and contains different fields (short, int, float) so read it byte-by-byte will be very unsufficient.

http://scodec.org/ (code) might be what you want. Some examples in this video: Introduction to Shapeless with applications from scodec

Example from the docs: Automatic case class binding is supported via Shapeless HLists:

case class Point(x: Int, y: Int, z: Int)

val pointCodec = (int8 :: int8 :: int8).as[Point]

val encoded: Attempt[BitVector] = pointCodec.encode(Point(-5, 10, 1))
// Successful(BitVector(24 bits, 0xfb0a01))

val decoded: Attempt[DecodeResult[Point]] = pointCodec.decode(hex"0xfb0a01".bits)
// Successful(DecodeResult(Point(-5,10,1),BitVector(empty)))

As Scala can still rely on the java classes :

You are of course using an InputStream to read the bytes, Converting the byte[] to a string should be the same as Java using new String(byte[]).

Converting the float is another problem answered in this SO question about byte to float conversion in Java.

An easier way would be to use the java.nio.ByteBuffer which has a convenient getFloat method

  • Thank you! Very nice pure language variant. – Alexander Teut Apr 24 '15 at 21:41

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