We are working on a task to resurrect a ClearCase server.
During the restoration process, we are stuck with following error as shown in server log.

vobrpc_server.exe(<pid>): Error: See albd or vob error logs on host <host name>

Here is the background.

  1. We were given 2 servers [Registry & view server]
  2. Registry server was in island and view server was in under a domain, which is now currently unavailable.
  3. We created a new group called "ClearCase" and put both these servers under same LAN and created new users under ClearCase group.
  4. While the license & albd service started successfully, it is still unable to create / restore views.
  5. We were able to see VOB information via ClearCase explorer, but while trying to create a new view & while accessing the folder, we are getting error like "Encountered an improper argument". Google around this error, we ended up in seeing above error in ClearCase server logs.

The actual errors are:

  1. view server log error:
    view_server.exe(pid): Warning: Unable to open vob 
    unknown error in VOB. 
  1. view_server.exe(7876):
    Error: Unexpected error in VOB 
    op vob_ob_get_vob_owner_sid:error detected by ClearCase subsystem 
    See vobrpc_server_log on host <host_name>... 
  1. vobrpc_server.exe(1188):
    Error: Problem starting vob_server for vob
    <host_name>:E:\ClearCase_Storage_e\vobs\esg.vbs. server 
  1. Albd(5364):
    Error: Server vob_server.exe (pid=7224) on 
    died on startup; marking it as "down".
  1. vob_server.exe(pid):
    Error: No group "clearcase" found.
  1. vob_server.exe(7224):
    Error: Unknown style protections.
  1. cccredmgr(6388):
    Error: Trouble contacting registry on host "<host_name>": 
    timed out trying to communicate with ClearCase remote

There seems to be an issue with the owner or the groups associated with the Vob.

I would recommend trying using fix_prot for fixing the vob.
And/or cleartool protectvob to change/reset ownership and group membership.

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