I have used the self-contained installer for Xamarin for Windows here, but I have an issue that requires that I know the specific version of Xamarin that's installed. How do I find this information? (Note that I'm looking for the version of Visual Studio plug-ins, not Xamarin Studio).


You can find the version of your Xamarin plug-ins for Visual Studio by going to "Help" -> "About Microsoft Visual Studio" in VS, and scrolling down to the Xamarin plug-ins.

Note that Xamarin consists of many different software packages that don't follow the same version numbering: The main Visual Studio plug-in, a plug-in for Android development and a plug-in for iOS development. In addition, there's Xamarin Studio and the individual API/SDK packages required for Android/iOS development.

In case it's relevant for you, Xamarin has a detailed guide for where to find various logs and debug information that's relevant to Xamarin development. You can find this at


The URL above is obsoleted. New link is at


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