I'm looking to test some code I've written and to do so I need to construct a variable of type Location and to give it a long / lat value but I'm unsure how I would do so. Any ideas?

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The API documentation is quite clear on this. First create a new Location instance:

Location loc = new Location("dummyprovider");

And then use the setter methods to set the location parameters you need, e.g.:

  • Location loc = new Location(""); Nov 30, 2016 at 20:53
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    @AdamJohns: The provider is supposed to specify what exactly acquired the specific coordinate fix. In the Location object it's just a string field and can be anything. When dealing with actual location fixes it'll often be equal to one of the constants in LocationManager such as GPS_PROVIDER which equals "gps", which would mean that the specific location was acquired via GPS. Dec 21, 2016 at 11:57
Location object = new Location("service Provider");

it will create an object of Type Location that contains the initial Latitude and Longitude at location '0' to get the initial values use

double lat = object.getLatitude();
double lng = object.getLongitude();

In Kotlin using LocationManager class you can pass the required location provider like:

val location = Location(LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER) // OR GPS_PROVIDER based on the requirement
location.latitude = 42.125
location.longitude = 55.123

You can write a method:

Location createNewLocation(double longitude, double latitude) {
    Location location = new Location("dummyprovider");
    return location;

And then call it:

Location myLoc = createNewLocation(dLong, dLati);

Or you can use string with Double.parse():

Location myLoc = createNewLocation(Double.parse("s.Long"), Double.parse("s.Lati"));

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