I'm trying to change the install path of a dylib after it has been built. I use otool -L to check what the current path is. And then I do:

$ install_name_tool -change /my/current/path/libmine.dylib \
    /my/new/path/libmine.dylib libmine.dylib

I don't get an error, but nothing changes. If I check the path again the old one is still there. Also the new path is a lot shorter then the old one, so no problem there, and I think the lib is even compiled with extra flag for more filepath space.

Any ideas?

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    To check just the install name, use otool -D. – JWWalker May 9 '11 at 19:33

The man page for install_name_tool says that -change is for dependencies. You're trying to change the name of the library itself.

Having just experimented, I found I couldn't change the name of a dylib that appears inside the dylib itself but I could change the names of other dependencies.

Having experimented more: install_name_tool -id newname file will do the trick.

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    Thanks I overlooked that because all the example code I found was related to dependencies. – Thijs Koerselman Jun 8 '10 at 8:46

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