How to use ActiveRecotd cache for Yii 2? I did't find any examples in official docs. In Google I found 2 examples, first is:

$db = self::getDb();
$object = $db->cache(function ($db) use($id) {
    return self::findOne($id);

But it doesn't work for Model, I tested with updated framework. Other example is:

$data = \Yii::$app->cache->get('some_var_' . $id);
if ($data === false)
    $data = self::findOne($id);
    \Yii::$app->cache->set('some_var_' . $id, $data, 60);

It's working fine, but it's not ActiveRecord caching it's data caching, So we haven't got ActiveRecord caching in Yii 2?

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1) Use cache like that:

$db = Yii::$app->db;// or Category::getDb()
$result = $db->cache(function ($db) use ($id) {
    return Category::find()->where(['id' => $id])->all();

2) If you may use query dependency, use like that:

$db = Yii::$app->db;// or Category::getDb()
$dep = new DbDependency();
$dep->sql = 'SELECT count(*) FROM category';
$result = $db->cache(function ($db) use ($id) {
    return Category::find()->where(['id' => $id])->all();
}, CACHE_TIMEOUT, $dep);

I too am having trouble with this. Here's my workaround for the time being for a hasOne() relationship.

public function getGroup()
    if(isset(static::$_getGroup[$this->id])) {
        return static::$_getGroup[$this->id];
    $Group = $this->hasOne(BillChargesGroup::className(), ['id' => 'group_id'])->one();
    static::$_getGroup[$this->id] = $Group;
    return $Group;

I only want to cache data for the current request, so this works. However because I'm using ->one(); it does not return the ActiveQuery object if we call $model->getGroup() (which I found is good for extending queries)

Unfortunately if I do return the ActiveQuery object, Yii2 does some "magic" on it and always does a SELECT * which I can't control.

  • In Yii AR you could use: $model->getGroup() to get ActiveQuery or $model->group to get BillChangesGroup object (Yii2 magic ->group == getGroup()->one() in your example). In your solution you miss this.
    – BaBL86
    Dec 27, 2015 at 5:29
  • Thank for your solution! Oct 24, 2018 at 16:24

Since 2.0.14 you can use the following shortcuts:

(new Query())->cache(7200)->all();
// and

Source: https://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/2.0/en/caching-data

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