I've found a .VBS script to protect my server but I'm not a programmer. This script blocks Fraud countries, Anonymous Proxy and Semalt infected servers. Our server is only intended for the European market. Can somebody tell me if this script works correctly (by testing it) or advice what can be better and tell me how I can check the blocked connections? I've added all the source files into a .rar file. My system is Windows 8.1 x64 with an Wamp Apache server. Thanks for all your support...

> @echo off
> cls
> echo If you using a x32 system you need a x32 version, please download: http://www.maxmind.com/GeoIP-COM-1.3.zip
> echo and rename in this script SysWoW64 into system32
> echo.
> echo First we need to add GeoIpComEx.dll to the Windows register
> echo For more documentation please read: http://www.maxmind.com/GeoIP_MSCOM_64bit.pdf
> echo Copy GeoIpComEx.dll to your %systemroot%\SysWoW64\ directory
> pause
> %systemroot%\SysWoW64\regsvr32 /s /c "c:\windows\syswow64\GeoIpComEx.dll"
> echo GeoIpComEx.dll added to the Windows register
> pause
> cls
> echo Create a directory c:\wamp\geoip
> echo Copy all the *.dat files from: http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/geolite/#Downloads
> echo and ftp://ftp.mrunix.net/pub/webalizer/geodb/ to the directory c:\Wamp\geoip
> echo.
> pause
> cls
> echo So you have downloaded all the *.dat files into the dir c:\wamp\geoip
> echo geodb.dat
> echo geoip.dat
> echo geoip.inc
> echo geoipasnum.dat
> echo geoipasnumv6.dat
> echo geoipcity.inc
> echo geoipv6.dat
> echo geolitecity.dat
> echo geolitecityv6.dat
> pause
> cls
> echo Because Win7 and Win8 has a problem to execute .VBS files we have to rename the script.exe files
> echo Rename cscript.exe into csadmin.exe
> rename "%systemroot%\SysWoW64\cscript.exe" "%systemroot%\SysWoW64\csadmin.exe"
> echo Rename wscript.exe into wsadmin.exe
> rename "%systemroot%\SysWoW64\wscript.exe" "%systemroot%\SysWoW64\wsadmin.exe"
> echo With Windows explorer give the files %systemroot%\SysWoW64\wscript.exe and %systemroot%\SysWoW64\wsadmin.exe > "admin rights"
> pause
> cls
> echo Now we execute the .vbs script %systemroot%\SysWoW64\csadmin.exe with geoip_block_countries1.vbs
> %systemroot%\SysWoW64\csadmin.exe //Nologo //B c:\wamp\vbs_firewall\geoip_block_countries1.vbs
> pause
> cls
> echo Please look in your log to see which countries were blocked.
> echo Add %systemroot%\SysWoW64\csadmin.exe //Nologo //B c:\wamp\vbs_firewall\geoip_block_countries1.vbs into your taskmanager when startup
> echo or start test_geoip_vbs2.cmd manuel after startup
> echo Reboot your PC/server
> pause

Complete script with all the needed files

  • Thanks for all the positive responses. The script seems to work well. The script protects your Mail-server, FTP-server, Web-server (Apache/IIS, Xampp/Wamp), PC / laptop against spam and hacking from fraud countries. Best regards, Rolf
    – Rolf Bos
    Apr 25, 2015 at 20:39
  • it's a stand alone script . It doesn't block Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter etc. The script can easily be combined with ModSecurity > modsecurity.org
    – Rolf Bos
    Apr 26, 2015 at 0:35
  • This script checks where the visitor is comming from based on the IPnumber. Is the visitor comming from a fraud country then the script will drop the connection to your Mail/FTP/Web-server. This is based on MaxMind GeoLite Country: dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/geolite/#Downloads and WebAlizer geodb.dat: ftp.mrunix.net/pub/webalizer/geodb
    – Rolf Bos
    Apr 26, 2015 at 12:05
  • I use Maxmind site to block or add countries: dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/codes/iso3166
    – Rolf Bos
    Apr 26, 2015 at 12:22


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