I'm trying to access the balance of the data fields of the current user.
The following is what I can only see when querying the currentUser in the debugger:

(lldb) po currentUser
<PFUser: 0x17642d80, objectId: FUsro30ZFu, localId: (null)> {
    displayName = Turkey;
    email = "frederick.c.lee@gmail.com";
    firstName = Frederick;
    lastName = Lee;
    username = "UncleRic ";

Here's the field (as other) that I want to get: enter image description here

These are the unsuccessful attempts:

(lldb) po currentUser["location"]
error: indexing expression is invalid because subscript type 'const char *' is not an Objective-C pointer
error: 1 errors parsing expression
(lldb) po currentUser.location
error: property 'location' not found on object of type 'PFUser *'
error: 1 errors parsing expression
(lldb) po currentUser.valueForKey("location")
error: property 'valueForKey' not found on object of type 'PFUser *'
error: 1 errors parsing expression

What is the correct method for accessing the remainder fields of the object 'PFUser'?

Also, how do I update/assign a field value of PFUser?
Apparently I need to recast a String into an AnyObject object. But the 'location' field has already been defined as a String field.

enter image description here

  • what Parse table is "latLon", "location" and "middleName" really living on, if not PFUser? – Michael Dautermann Apr 26 '15 at 19:45
  • use objectForKey: and setObject:forKey: – danh Apr 26 '15 at 19:54

There are a couple issues here.

1) I was attempting to user Swift instead of Objective-C in the debugger.
So I got the syntax all screwed up.

2) I didn't restart (cold start) my app @ device after I changed my parse.com data on-line (via web). So I was looking a latent (non refreshed data).

The following is the correct format of looking at a PFUser attribute value:

(lldb) po [currentUser objectForKey:@"firstName"]

(lldb) po [currentUser objectForKey:@"location"]
Ann Arbor

Here's the correct Swift syntax for updating the PFUser object. Note: be sure to have the actual SAVE() done on a backend thread.

The code user is essentially of proof-of-concept that I can actually update the file.

func updateParseUser(newUser:User, sender:UIViewController) {

    let currentUser = PFUser.currentUser()

    if ((currentUser) == nil) {

    if let revisedlocation = newUser.location {
        currentUser?.setValue(revisedlocation, forKey: "location")

    if let phone = newUser.phoneNumber {
        currentUser?.setValue(phone, forKey: "phone")



Thanks for the feedback

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