I'm searching lollipop phone app source code in http://android.googlesource.com/

But, There is no tree for lollipop as the link shows https://android.googlesource.com/platform/packages/apps/Phone/+/lollipop-release

Other old version phone app source code exists in the web site. android.googlesource.com/platform/packages/apps/Phone/+/eclair-sholes-release2

Is there other place to find the phone app source code? or Is there any reason the tree is empty?

Where should I start to find the source code?


I hope this is not too late. This seems to be what you need.


  • That's com.android.dialer, but the question is about com.google.android.dialer I think. – arekolek Apr 9 '18 at 11:35

You can find the latest source code for Phone app at https://android.googlesource.com/platform/packages/apps/Phone/+/android-5.1.1_r1.

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    Thanks to reply. But, in the link, tree is empty. How can I get source code? – jeonghyeon kim Apr 27 '15 at 2:27

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