I need a button that will refresh the page on the user's click. I tried this:

<input type="button" value="Reload Page" onClick="reload">


<input type="button" value="Refresh Page" onClick="refresh">

But neither worked.

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Use onClick with window.location.reload(), i.e. :

<button onClick="window.location.reload();">Refresh Page</button>

Or history.go(0), i.e.:

<button onClick="history.go(0);">Refresh Page</button>

Or window.location.href=window.location.href for 'full' reload, i.e.:

<button onClick="window.location.href=window.location.href">Refresh Page</button>

The Button element - developer.mozilla.org

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    what's the difference between these three options? Is one better than the others for some situations? – ashleedawg Mar 2 '19 at 11:15
  • I don't think they have advantages over each other, just different ways of accomplish the same. – CONvid19 Mar 2 '19 at 12:02
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    I will not turn my nose up but a ";" is missing at the end of onClick="window.location.reload();" – guido _nhcol.com.br_ Apr 27 '19 at 13:41
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    this whole question is incorrect syntax... Im surprised it has nearly 200 upvotes. Firstly, button needs a closing tag in each, and secondly, value is not an attribute of button tags, the text needs to go between the tag and closing tag – Mister SirCode Nov 29 '19 at 20:43
  • @TaylorS You're totally right, I've updated the answer, thank you. – CONvid19 Nov 29 '19 at 21:13

This works for me


    <button type="submit"  onClick="refreshPage()">Refresh Button</button>


function refreshPage(){
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<a onClick="window.location.reload()">Refresh</a>

This really works perfect for me.

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Only this realy reloads page (Today)

<input type="button" value="Refresh Page" onClick="location.href=location.href">

Others do not exactly reload. They keep values inside text boxes.

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  • Can you please explain what do you mean by: "Only this realy reloads page (Today)" ? – CONvid19 Dec 12 '17 at 7:48
  • "Today" means the day I wrote it (because every day something changes). "Only this" is relevant to answers given above by Pedro Lobito. – ilias iliadis Dec 13 '17 at 10:29
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    All answets on SO are "as of today" and subject to be updated if anything changes, that's the nature of almost anything in life, not only answers. – CONvid19 Dec 23 '17 at 6:39
<button onclick=location=URL>Refresh</button>

This might look funny but it really does the trick.

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button that refresh the page on click

Use onClick button with window.location.reload():

<button onClick="window.location.reload();">
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I noticed that all the answers here use inline onClick handlers. It's generally recommended to keep HTML and Javascript separate.

Here's an answer that adds a click event listener directly to the button. When it's clicked, it calls location.reload which causes the page to reload with the current URL.

const refreshButton = document.querySelector('.refresh-button');

const refreshPage = () => {

refreshButton.addEventListener('click', refreshPage)
.demo-image {
  display: block;
<button class="refresh-button">Refresh!</button>
<img class="demo-image" src="https://picsum.photos/200/300">

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just create the empty reference on link such as following

 <a href="" onclick="dummy(0);return false;" >
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Use this its work fine for me to reload the same page:

<button onClick="window.location.reload();">
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Though the question is for button, but if anyone wants to refresh the page using <a>, you can simply do

<a href="./">Reload</a>
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<button onClick="window.location.reload();">Reload</button>

Or you can also use

<form action="<same page url>" method="GET">

Note: Change "<same page link>" with the url of same page you want to reload. for example: <form action="home.html> method="GET">

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If you are looking for a form reset:

<input type="reset" value="Reset Form Values"/>

or to reset other aspects of the form not handled by the browser

<input type="reset" onclick="doFormReset();" value="Reset Form Values"/>

Using jQuery

function doFormReset(){
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window.opener.location.href ='workItem.adm?wiId='+${param.wiId};

It will go to the required path and you won't get any resend prompt.

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