Is it possible to add a static extension function similar to a adding an extension function to a companion object. I tried

public fun ByteBuffer.Companion.invoke(capacity: Int): ByteBuffer

but it caused Unresolved referenced: Companion. I would only assume this is because Companion is not defined in the java code.


Short answer: It is not possible at this moment. But could be supported in the future.

You are right, Java classes don't have companion objects. You can add extensions only to classes (will show on instances of the class) or to declared companion objects (will look like static on the class):

class A { companion object }
class B { companion object Test }

fun A.Companion.foo() { println("Test A.foo") }
fun B.Test.foo() { println("Test B.foo") }

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    A.foo() // prints «Test A.foo»
    B.foo() // prints «Test B.foo»
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