I'm trying to use cuda for image processing.

I need fft for low-pass filter, so I've tried to use cufft, and now I found that there is no cufft.lib for win32 in "NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v7.0\lib\win32".

It only exists in x64 folder.

Can I use cufft for x64 only? or am I missing something on installation?


From the CUDA 7 release notes:

Certain CUDA Features on 32-bit and 32-on-64-bit Windows Systems

The CUDA Toolkit no longer supports 32-bit Windows operating systems. Furthermore, the Windows CUDA Driver no longer supports Tesla and Quadro products on 32-bit Windows operating systems. Additionally, on 64-bit Windows operating systems, the following features are no longer supported by the CUDA driver or CUDA toolkit:

  • Running 32-bit applications on Tesla and Quadro products

  • Using the Thrust library from 32-bit applications

  • 32-bit versions of the CUDA Toolkit scientific libraries, including cuBLAS, cuSPARSE, cuFFT, cuRAND, and NPP

  • 32-bit versions of the CUDA samples

So no, there is no longer a 32 bit version of CUFFT shipped on Windows platforms as of CUDA 7.

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