I have a where clause like the below example:

WHERE (subject LIKE 'chef%') AND (dep LIKE 'psy%%')

What is the difference using 1 or 2 percent signs? I know what one means (wild card), but not what the second adds in functionality.

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That query is likely a typo; putting a double % does nothing in the example you have given as there are no non-wildcard characters between the two %'s.

If you wanted to search for an actual % character you can use escaping.


Usage of double '%' is mostly for specifying there are no wildcards present between them.however it is also used for using actual '%' in searchquery which is called escaping.

using '%' escaping looks like

SELECT name FROM emp 
   WHERE id LIKE '%\%%' ESCAPE '\'

for more details on escaping Escaping

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