I'm using CMake for a project that comes in two versions, one of which requires -lglapi and the other does not.

So far the lines we used look like that:

SET(CMAKE_C_FLAGS "-O3 -xSSE3 -restrict -lpthread -lX11 -ldrm")
SET(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "-O3 -xSSE3 -restrict -lpthread -lX11 -ldrm")

I added an if statement in my CMakeList.txt exactly after those lines:

    SET(CMAKE_C_FLAGS ${CMAKE_C_FLAGS} " -lglapi")

The SINGLE_MODE variable is defined a little up. When I use the message command to display the content of the flag variables it looks alright:

-O3 -xSSE3 -restrict -lpthread -lX11 -ldrm -lglapi

But when I start compiling I am running into a compile error. Using the verbose mode I realized that in the compiler call it looks like that:

-O3 -xSSE3 -restrict -lpthread -lX11 -ldrm; -lglapi

I.e. somehow a semicolon got added before adding the -lglapi to the list.

Did anyone here encounter a similar issue and knows a way to fix this issue? I've googled quite a while and studied the CMake manual but couldn't see what I did wrong here.

Thanks, Tobias

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    Did you try SET(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -lglapi")? – jpo38 Apr 27 '15 at 16:42
  • @jpo38 You should make an answer and get your deserved reputation :) – Antonio Apr 27 '15 at 16:46
  • @jpo38, thank you. That did the trick. Should have thought of that myself but after looking at something for too long, you kinda get blind for that. – TobiSF Apr 27 '15 at 16:47
  • Thanks. As I have no CMake installed on my current computer, I could not test. Prefered to have your feedback before posting an untested answer to avoid getting any downvotes....;-). Now ready for upvotes! – jpo38 Apr 27 '15 at 16:50

Try to do this instead:


Then, you are sure you append -lglapi to the existing ${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} string. Else, looks like something like a CMake list is being created.

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    This is very boilerplate. Is there a shorter solution? – nowox Aug 31 '17 at 6:45
  • @nowox: Not any that I'm aware of – jpo38 Aug 31 '17 at 6:51
  • Oh :( I don't really know CMake, but is it not possible to use list(APPEND? – nowox Aug 31 '17 at 6:52
  • @nowox: Only if CMAKE_C_FLAGS is a list, but I think it's a string... – jpo38 Aug 31 '17 at 7:24

Since CMake 3.4 you do:

string(APPEND CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS " -lglapi")

This very handy when you want to set the flags only for one language (C++ in the example above), but if you want to set the same flags for all languages, you can simply do:


Both commands change the flags for the whole directory, if you want to set the flags for only one target, do:

target_compile_options(my_lib PUBLIC -lglapi)

Flags on a target can either be PUBLIC, PRIVATE or INTERFACE, allowing to transitively forward the flags from one target to the other.

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