I'm looking for a light, free tool to format my Vbscript code.

The only way I've found so far is to auto-format it in VisualStudio. Although, it's too much to launch VisualStudio for this purpose.

Is there any web app or a free light tool for this purpose? Maybe a plugin for Notepad++?


Have you tried:

VB Indent - paste your VBScript or VB code, press the button, and it'll indent for you.


ASP Indent - auto formatting of your ASP Code. It will not format HTML, though. It's only checking and formatting the text between the <% %>

There don't appear to be any user settings, but it works!

  • These tools are dead now – Dan Nov 19 '20 at 13:50

Use VBScript Beautifier freeware. It is an editor but has facility to auto indent for existing VB script. It may be useful. I have used it and it's fine with me for using with some old scripts which are written without indentation from some unknown developers without indents/comments!

  • VBScript Beautifier doesn't support Class keyword for me. – omegastripes May 6 '16 at 19:31

VBScript Beautifier is commercial software.

"VB Indent" and "ASP Indent" work, but they don't provide formatting options.

The Commercial VBScript Editor "VBSEdit" has a code formatting option. This works most of the time. It only has problems with multiple commands in one line separated by :.


VbsEdit worked for me. From the menu select Edit->Reformat Code https://www.vbsedit.com/

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