In my web app, I am sending some strings from the server, and I am using them like this in my JS

var Texts = {
    FillAllFieldsError: '@Texts.FillAllFieldsError',
    PasswordChangeSuccess: '@Texts.PasswordChangeSuccess'

The strings which are coming from the server have some special characters like "Ø,Æ" etc.. They turn up into something with HTML code "forespørsel".

Does anybody know how to solve it? I am using utf-8 encoding

<meta charset="utf-8" />
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Using @Html.Raw() is the correct approach.

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    ASP Mvc will always HTML Encode any values by default. You can use either Html.Raw or have the property value be a IHtmlString type. So if your Texts properties were of type IHtmlString instead of string, then they would also not be encoded. You can make any string into an IHtmlString by using MvcHtmlString.Create(string value) – Jeremy Bell Apr 28 '15 at 13:34

I used this


and it worked.

Include System.Web in your project to use HttpUtility.HtmlDecode(MSDN) to decode HTML-encoded strings.

This would be the safest way to do what you are trying to do:

var Texts = @Html.Raw(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(new {

^ use an anon object if you need to specify which properties to include

Or use an extension method like:

using Newtonsoft.Json;

public static class JavascriptExtensions {
   public static IHtmlString AsJavascript<T>(this T value) where T: class{
      return MvcHtmlString.Create(JsonConvert.SerializeObject(value));

Then in your view you could do this:

var Texts @Texts.AsJavascript();

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