I'm sending a post form to paypal with custom text parameters. I checked my vars before send the form and the special characters are ok.

But in the paypal page (register option) the text appears ("Ocón") encoded in utf8("Ocón").

I tried to decoded it before send, but only was worst ("Oc�n")

Any idea?

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Use iconv:

echo iconv( 'UTF-8' , 'ISO-8859-1' , 'Ocón');

adjusting encodings to your website. It worked fine for me.

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    This not worked for me. But you gave me an idea, finally I added accept-charset="ISO-8859-1" to the form. – jpintor Apr 28 '15 at 11:16

Finally I added accept-charset="ISO-8859-1" in the form and solved the problem.

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