I had created a web part on MOSS 2007 which displays a organizational chart by searching (Full Text) the user profiles.

To identify the subordinates of a user, I used to search for users with the particular user in Manager property. The query looked like this:

SELECT AccountName, PreferredName, Manager, WorkEmail FROM scope()  WHERE ("SCOPE" = 'People') AND Manager = 'domain\parent_user'

But, the same query does not run in SharePoint 2010 as Manager crawled property does not exists. So, I created a new crawled property and mapped it to People:Manager(Text) now, the Manager property is always empty.

Even a full crawl after clearing the indexes also not helping.

Can anyone please help me in getting manager information in Full Text Search?

Thanks in advance!

Update: I tried mapping the crawled property with ows_Manager(Text) property also, still the same result.


After struggling a little, I got it working!

The new crawled property mapped to People:Manager(text) started giving values in search result by following the below steps:

  1. Check Indexed checkbox in Manager User Profile property edit page
  2. Reset crawl index
  3. Full crawl again

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