I am trying to compile a script using cargo build --release but get the following output (full stacktrace):

running: "gcc" "-O0" "-c" "-ffunction-sections" "-fdata-sections" "-mwin32" "-m64" "-fPIC" "C:\Users\User\.cargo\registry\src\github.com-1ecc6299db9ec823\time-0.1.25\src/time_helpers.c" "-o" "D:\Projects\hots-unpack\target\release\build\time-e758cbe877e9589d\out\src\time_helpers.o"     

failed to run custom build command for `time v0.1.25`

Process didn't exit successfully: `D:\Projects\hots-unpack\target\release\build\time-e758cbe877e9589d\build-script-build` (exit code: 101)

--- stderr
thread '<main>' panicked at 'explicit panic', C:\Users\User\.cargo\registry\src\github.com-1ecc6299db9ec823\gcc-0.3.4\src\lib.rs:380

This is the script I want to compile

  • The build is trying to run gcc. Do you have GCC installed? – Shepmaster Apr 29 '15 at 1:24
  • Yes, and added to the path-var. – Michael Pittino Apr 29 '15 at 1:27
  • Just to double check, what happens if you run gcc --version? – huon Apr 29 '15 at 1:37
  • 2
    I'm unfamiliar with gcc on windows, but that suggests you may have a 32-bit version, while a 64-bit one is needed. I'm unsure of details, but maybe the instructions for building rust itself from source on windows might make progress (you'll want the x86_64 toolchain). – huon Apr 29 '15 at 1:56
  • 1
    Yeah, I'm betting that you need the 64-bit version of GCC. Building rust-crypto doesn't even work on a 32-bit Windows 7 VM, complaining about usage of the xmm1 and xmm3 registers. – Shepmaster Apr 29 '15 at 1:58

I needed the 64bit version of gcc for windows: http://mingw-w64.org

Working like a charm now.

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