I need to extract each sentence from a given text file and store that sentence in a String. I was using the lexparser-gui of the stanford-parser, the tool highlights each sentence of the given file. Is there a way, where I can use the stanford-parser.jar to do the sentence extraction in a java program? If yes, could anyone please give a sample demo on how to do it.

Thanks, Sambhav

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    Do you have to use stanford-parser? There are other ways in the basic java library that you might be able to use.
    – putty174
    Apr 29 '15 at 2:30
  • @putty174 I don't have to use the parser. I am looking at ways which will help me extract sentences with most accuracy! Are you aware of anything else? Thanks!
    – samdset
    Apr 29 '15 at 22:06

If you just want to extract the sentences from a text file, there's no need to use the parser. You can just take the regular sentence splitter, like so:

    Properties props = new Properties();

    props.setProperty("annotators","tokenize, ssplit");

    StanfordCoreNLP pipeline = new StanfordCoreNLP(props);
    Annotation annotation = new Annotation("This is sentence one. This is sentence two.");
    List<CoreMap> sentences = annotation.get(CoreAnnotations.SentencesAnnotation.class);
    for (CoreMap sentence : sentences) {

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